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About the Curriculum

Lakota Circles of Hope (LCH) is an innovative culturally specific prevention curriculum that teaches students how to use Lakota culture to deal more effectively with risky behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco usage, bullying, and suicide.  The curriculum is intended to foster a positive Lakota identity and enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of Lakota culture.  LCH traditional Lakota values comprise the core of the classroom-based prevention curriculum.

Respect – Waohola

Generosity – Wacantognaka

Bravery – Woohitika

Fortitude – Wowacintanka

Wisdom – Woksape

Wopila Tanka to Albert White Hat Sr. and Dianne Merrick for the assistance with the Lakota/Dakota language element. 

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Lakota Circles of Hope
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LCH Advisory Board

Front Row: Manny Iron Hawk, Barry Mann, Dr. John Usera, Jim Kinyon
Back Row: Renee Iron Hawk, Staci Eagle Elk, April Fallis, Ann Marie Amiotte, Dr. Jennifer Sierra, Randi Gibbons

2nd-5th Grade Elementary School Toolkit

6th Grade Middle School Toolkit